Sunday, 7 August 2011

A weed by another name.

 On Sunday afternoon the man of the house decided that the Pittosporum Undulatum growing tremendously at my front gate, needed pruning.  I always like to supervise these activities as he tends to cut back more than I would like, plus men up ladders can be dangerous! One of my sons declares this tree a weed - being a horticulturist he may have a point.  I on the other hand quite like this tree at the front gate especially at the moment when it has the most lovely little perfumed white flowers. I managed to salvage some of the limbs and have popped them in a vase on my front verandah, the perfume now drifts into the house when the door is open - lovely.........

If you are looking for this plant it is known by several names eg Sweet Pittosporum, Native Daphne, Australian Cheesewood, Victoria Box, Mock Orange.

Not a weed in my book.

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  1. I didn't know this was called pittosporum in Australia - here the plant known as "mock orange" is called Philadelphus - I wouldn't call it a weed! I have one at the bottom of the garden behind the shed and keep thinking about digging it up and moving it somewhere that I can see and smell it. It has a truly beautiful perfume. I say - keep those men away from all the plants that you love !