Thursday, 11 August 2011

What is going on with Twinings Teabags?

I love my cup of tea, from the first one in the morning until the last one before I go to bed at night.  On the weekend I make a pot with "real" tea leaves, mostly Twinings Earl Grey and when I can get it Lady Grey. I love to sit over long Sunday breakfasts with a big steaming pot.  So you can imagine how disappointed I am with Twinings teabags lately.  What has happened, instead of being beautiful and aromatic they taste of nothing! Just dust. I have given them the benefit of the doubt and have bought several more packets to see if it was just a bad batch, but no - nothing has improved. Even Nigella can't convince me. So I have decided to boycott and now on the look out for bags filled with real tea.  Madame Flavour caught my eye in the supermarket the other day (she has a great little website too - check it out My daughter who was with me bought Madame Flavour's Chai Tea and made me some as soon as we got home.  I find Chai Tea (made with milk) a lovely substitute for coffee but it's not like having a nice cup of tea.  On a recent trip to England we found a lovely tea shop in "The Lanes " in Brighton.  They served lovely teabags called Teapigs,  a touch expensive to have shipped out here though. Will continue my quest for the perfect cuppa closer to home and keep you posted.


  1. Well, I sympathise with your problem but have to say that I haven't noticed a problem with the tea we are drinking, but then it could be that it's a different tea. We are currently drinking Twinings Green Blend tea which is very light and refreshing. Must admit that Earl Grey or Lady Grey are perfect afternoon tea tea - if you get what I mean. Good luck with your quest.

  2. I recommend Fortnum and Mason, or the Cantonese Tea Company, they both produce delicious teas!
    Your blog is lovely, will follow :-)