Thursday, 29 September 2011

Phew - Puy at last!

Victoria Market
I eventually found where to buy my Puy lentils - Queen Victoria Market - this is a great market, it has everything a foodie loves.  Fresh fruit and vegetables. Meat, fish and some great purveyors of cheese, olives, pasta, bread, cakes, coffee and now even chocolate!
So in my lunch break I trek to the market and you can imagine my disappointment - closed!  Something I hadn't even considered.  Are these lentils worth it I think?
Fresh fruit
Back I go the following day - these had better be good. Ah success. ........
Fresh vegetables
What a selection of pies!

A tasting table = very dangerous
Oooh Chocolate!

What a lot of fresh pasta

Food Hall
I could have wandered all day - unfortunately I had to get back to work.

Meat Man

Now the choice of what to make with them.  Soup from the magazine "Dish" as mention in an earlier blog "Chased by Puy Lentils", or a recipe on 12 September 2011 Lentil Tomato and Pasta Soup or a suggestion from Spiced Season Vegetables with Puy Lentils posted on 5 September 2011. Decisions, decisions.
At last Puy!


  1. Ooh - I love Victoria Market, shame we have nothing here like that, well, at least not where I live we don't. The local Farmer's Markets are rather a disappointment, especially when I see some that other areas have.

    Well done for finally finding your Puy Lentils, I look forward to seeing what you eventually make, just a shame I can't taste any first hand without having to make it myself!

  2. Beautiful photograph of your magnolia - love it.