Friday, 21 October 2011

Happy Birthday Sandra

Today is my best friend's birthday. Three years ago was her last birthday. I can hardly believe it, the time goes by so quickly.  I still miss her terribly and she creeps into my thoughts on a weekly basis at the most obscure times. I hope she is somewhere lovely and without pain.  We were friends from childhood - about 12 years old joined at the hip and our friendship separated us only by death. We would visit each other as often as we could considering we lived our married years on opposite sides of the world.  In the old days we would write pages and pages of letters telling each  other about our lives, our children, our problems, our plans and of course our dreams.  With technology we progressed to writing emails which made it so much easier to stay in touch. Whenever we met it was like we had never been apart. We had no problem finding something to talk about or being silent together. A friendship that was as comfortable as an old pair of slippers.

I miss her terribly - sometimes disbelieving that she has actually left us and that I will never see her again. I hope she is in a lovely place, chilling out and watching over all of us that still love her.

Happy Birthday Sandra  -forever young.

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  1. Such a lovely post - yet sad. Seems hard to belive she has been gone this long, seems like it was only last year. Chin up.