Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hot Pies!

The balloons were blown, the streamers up, the food prepared, the cheer leader had her pom poms shaking, the black and white army was ready to do battle! 

We arrived early before the game to prepare and take sustenance.

Of course a day at the football would not be the same without an obligatory meat pies and sauce, but we also slow roasted a piece of scotch fillet, sliced pink and  stuffed into fresh bread rolls topped with mustard, horseradish or chilli relish and adorned with a rocket salad.

We were pumped! We shouted, we screamed, we clapped, we jumped for joy, we lost, we wept, we were physically drained!

We ate more food - pavlova dressed with kiwi and toasted coconut and a glass of champagne to drown our sorrows.

We packed up the decorations and look forward to following the Pies again Next Year!

Our cheer leader practices her steps.
Singing the song before the game!

Getting ready
Black and White Army
How come everyone congregates in the Kitchen

The pav looking very tempting - we were ready for a sugar hit.
Here's to next year - cheers.


  1. The photos look great - sounds like you had a lovely day despite Collingwood losing! Did you have some of those little party pies? I'm surprised we can't buy them here.

  2. Jennifer, yes we had little party pies - even the big kids enjoy party pies. You could always have a go at making your own.