Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Out and About

Face Painting
On Sunday morning St. Kilda and Balaclava Kindergarten was celebrating 100 years.  Established in 1911 it is a free community kinder that is at the moment attended by one of my granddaughters and her brother before her. 

They have an annual fete to raise funds.

There were a few showers but all in all  it was a lovely morning and there was a real buz as we gathered to mooch - not something I normally do on a Sunday morning.

Pre-loved purchases
There was all the usual fete type stands, face painting, pre-loved books, kids clothes, homemade gifts, homemade bags, aprons, Tutus and of course the cake stall - always a winner, and this one was no different the cakes were walking out the door literally.

sausage sizzle and egg and bacon rolls!
Gluten free biscuits

Popcorn by the cup
One of my special purchases was "The Kinder Cook Book" and at only $2.00 it was a bargain.  First published in 2004 it is a book of recipes generously contributed by the families, staff and friends of the Kindergarten.

 I have already picked out a couple of "must cook" recipes - the Easy-Peasy Apple Streusal Cake and the Tomatoe and Apple Chutney.

Ooooh might have to enter both of these in the October Apple Challenge run by  the pink whisk have a look at this site its great.   Better get cooking.

Play dough that looked good enough to eat!

The Cake Stall looked sooo inviting

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  1. Looks like a good day was had by all. The cakes look great. What a fabulous idea to sell bags of playdough.