Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Peggy's Apple Cake

 I eventually got around to making one of my mothers recipes that my sister revived and posted on L'heure du the click here for recipe -  I had a little series of mishaps none too terrible just a nuisance.

I didn't have enough apples so I added a pear or two which worked out quite well really.

As the recipe was in imperial measurements I had to dig out my old scales that mum had bought me more that 35 years ago! I have lost the l oz weight so that made things a little tricky.

My oven is fan forced which I put on to warm while I put the ingredients together which took me longer than I thought so by the time the cake was ready to go in the oven was very hot!

Too hot in fact cos even though I turned it down to lower than the advised temperature it got a little scorched on the top only half way through the cooking time.

Goodness this was not going well.

I juggled the time to allow the centre to cook and covered the top with some greaseproof or baking paper to stop it burning completely.

Amazingly it turned out fine - not as good as my sister (she is a cake queen) but good enough to present to the table.

Served with homemade custard it was woofed down in no time!

Next time will be better.


  1. It looks good (well, what's left of it anyway) -I bet it would be good made with all pears, hmmm, must try a pear cake. Love the scales, forgot that you had those. Is it possible to replace the weights individually?

  2. That looks really good. I don't have any apricot preserves, but I do have cantaloupe preserves which I think will work too.
    I love your flour tin, is that how you purchase your flour?

  3. Love apple cake and home made custard!

    I make double the custard and let it cool . then let it cook down. Pop it in the ice-cream maker with some chocolate chips and hey presto no effort Chocolate chip ice-cream !

    You've made me want to make apple pie now !!

  4. Jennifer - will have to investigate purchasing more weights - may have to keep my eye open when scouring secondhand/charity shops, unless someone has an odd 1oz weight they are not using?

    Tracey - oooh cantaloupe preserve, can't say I have ever tasted that one! I am sure any jam would work equally well. My flour tins were purchased in 1998, a Limited Edition by White Wings Flour Company celebrating 100 years of bringing flour to Australians. My goodness how time flys (sorry about the pun) Red for self-raising and blue for plain flour. I couldn't resist them.

    Vanessa - wow ice-cream what an idea!