Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Carols - a lovely surprise!

The Block Arcade fronting Collins Street Melbourne
Shoppers rushing about

Still doing Christmas shopping? Thank goodness the 25th arrives otherwise I would still be shopping for it!

You do come across some special things when you are out and about that actually makes you stop and enjoy the spirit of the season.

The singers with their "shopping bag" disguise in the beautiful Block Arcade

People were rushing everywhere in the Block Arcade in Melbourne the other day when some shoppers stopped and started to sing "Silent Night" there were only about four of them (I was then expecting some other peorple to join in like you see on YouTube).

Everyone stopped to watch and listen to the beautiful voices.  When they finished everyone clapped and the choir wandered off, I suppose to their next venue.  It was a lovely surprise.

I wished I could have found my mobile phone quicker to film, but by the time I had rummaged about in my bag and got myself sorted they had finished - I was lucky to click off a couple of snaps.

The spirit of Christmas was left behind with everyone smiling as we all strolled away saying how lovely it was - something special in the middle of the day - so unexpected.

An appropriate Christmas Card I found this year and sent to my sister


  1. Doesn't the arcade look lovely - really festive not at all what you expect Australia to be like at Christmas. It wouldn't have looked out of place in London - apart from the summer clothes. Love the idea of carol singing like that - listening to and singing along to carols makes me cry for some strange reason and the hairs on my neck tingle!! I know I'm weird. And because I haven't yet said so - I loved my card and will be putting it in a frame after Christmas and hanging it in the kitchen.

  2. I adore the Christmas card, its super. I'd put it in a frame and bring it out every Christmas.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Jen glad you liked the card I thought it was so appropriate I found one I got from you last year it had a Christmas pudding recipe on the front - should have found that earlier!

  4. Shaheen what a good idea! Merry Christmas.