Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day 2011 - Come and gone.....

Well after much preparation, lists, shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping presents, eating (too too much) drinking, talking, singing and excitement waiting for Santa to arrive...........its over for another year!

The house is now quiet and dark with just a twinkle from the christmas tree lights, most of the washing up is done and the man has gone to bed exhausted poor love!
The Red Dress made an appearance I am pleased to say and I can now tuck into another mince pie and glass of bubbles and put my feet up, proud of myself that another year's Christmas Day has gone off without a hitch.

Tomorrow Boxing Day is the first day of left overs!!!! Ham and eggs with bubble and squeak for brekkie, turkey sandwiches and cranberry sauce for lunch and something imaginative with turkey or ham for dinner.

Slowly  we will get back to being tidy, once all the wrapping paper is bagged for the rubbish bin and the empty bottles recycled.  A place will be found for all the presents and more exercise will be done in the next few days to compensate for the enormous consumption of food.  I love it !


  1. Looks like Father Christmas was extremely busy -and that a lot of fun was had by all.

  2. :)

    Wonderful photographs, now wishing you a Happy New Year x

  3. Merry Christmas!
    My son and I were watching an old MASH rerun and learned about Boxing Day; wish we had that custom here.
    Yes, I should leave my decoration up until Jan. 6, and the Nativity I do, but the rest comes down sooner. I think it helps me to keep busy.
    Enjoy the season.

  4. I just realised - you never did the "Food Bloggers Unplugged" questionnaire! You promised.