Saturday, 3 December 2011

The red dress diet.......

 Or the count down to Christmas - Food Intake Plan! Or something that should have been on the Christmas List a lot earlier plan!

The Red Dress
A snap decision last week (with only 25 days to Christmas) I am intending to drop a few Kgs.  Not so much a diet as eating a little less (especially in the cake department) in readiness for red dress day.  I have bought a red dress that fits extremely snugly and would like it to be more comfortable by the time the 25th December arrives.

So with the low doses of fat, sugar and carbs in mind, the man (who does all of the cooking on week nights) is on the hunt for interesting recipes.

Monday night we had warm caramelised onions and stir fried chicken on a bed of shredded lettuce and tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing - I was very impressed! Sorry no photo as he was soooo busy cooking and I was sooooo busy on the treadmill.
Tuesday - Beef Chow Mien
Tuesday night he turned to the internet for beef chow mien with shredded red cabbage and chinese cabbage that was surprisingly filling and very tasty I took the leftovers to work for lunch the next day.

Wednesday - Winter Coleslaw with mustard and herbs
Wednesday stir fried steak with a red cabbage winter coleslaw with mustard and organic mixed herb (from the garden) garnish.

Thursday - Coleslaw and steak two nights in a row!
As he had made so much coleslaw we had to have it again on Thursday night (still delicious, but he realised he needs to half some of these ingredients for just two of us). We had it with steak garnished with asparagus and avocado.

Friday - Sesame coated chicken
 Friday night we had sesame seed coated chicken pieces with salad.  This could easily have been a nice white fish.

This red dress diet also has a low alcohol content........ - no wine for me until the weekend! Saturday night chilli con carne with rice and a nice glass (or two) of red!

I know I have lost weight already - well I am at least on the road. Wish me luck! Red Dress Day is coming fast.

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  1. Which is probably why you are slimmer than me - I would have bought a bigger size dress! Would quite like to have eaten at your house this week - and the man cooks weeknights - chance here would be a fine thing.