Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I love Meatloaf ..............and roasted vegetables with gravy!

When my children were small I had this fabulous recipe for meatloaf and I am sure I cooked it every week -  the kids loved it.  It was great for hiding a whole host of vegetables that they turned their nose up at. Then I lost it! Don't ask me how.

Then last week I found a new Meatloaf recipe and it's was just yummy. Even though the kids are big now I am sure that would love it too.
My new best friend

I am on a Tessa Kiros "roll" at the moment and I am really enjoying her book Apples for Jam, although the formatting is a little difficult to read as the font is a light grey and the headings a light pink which is very pretty but not very practical, (and the ingredients could definitely be larger and bolder - sorry Tessa) especially when you need your glasses for the smallest task these days, and I had to move the book in all directions to catch the right light to read it properly. Apart from all that, I am enjoying it, its great.

Ingredients look a lot but in actual fact could be cut down if you just say vegetables for 6 as the meatloaf is enough for 6.

But Tessa suggests, 2 large carrots peeled, 2 zucchini (courgettes) trimmed, 1 large potato peeled,  1 red capsicum.
(which I found was only really enough for 2)

500g minced beef
80g white bread and 125ml (1/4 cup) milk
2 tbs chopped parsley
1 clove garlic chopped finely
1 heaped tbs grated parmesan cheese
1 egg lightly beaten
4 tabs olive oil, 1 flat teaspoon salt,
100g thinly sliced pancetta (I used bacon)
2 sage sprigs, 2 small rosemary sprigs, 2 garlic cloves unpealed,
1 tbs plain flour and 125 ml (1/4 cup) white wine.

Preheat oven to 180C (350F/Gas 4) I like the way this covers everybody's cookers.
Soak the bread in the milk for about 15 mins - squishing with fingers so it collapses.
Cut vegetables length ways in readiness.
Put meat, parsley, chopped garlic, cheese, egg, salt and soaked bread in a bowl and mix together until smooth. Then form a large loaf like a large egg.

  • Put half the olive oil in a roasting dish and put the meatloaf on top.
  • Cover with overlapping bacon rashers, tucking them in underneath. 
  • Scatter the vegetables all around and drizzle with the rest of the olive oil. 
  • Tuck the sage, rosemary and garlic under the veg. 
  • Bake for  1 1/4 hours turning veg over halfway through.
  • They should be golden and the bacon crispy.
  • Turn oven off and remove the meatloaf and veg to a warming platter, cover with foil and return to the oven. 
Put baking dish on the top of the stove over a high heat and sprinkle in the flour.
Cook, stirring constantly and scrape up all the bits from the bottom of the dish.  
Pour in the wine and stir until evaporated.
Add 250ml (1 cup) hot water season with salt and cook until the sauce becomes smooth and thickens.

Serve meatloaf cut into thick slices with the veg and drizzled with gravy.

As there is no longer a big family at home we had left overs cold for lunch too!


  1. oh good lord that looks good!... love that book... so glad you found it!

  2. Dom - some credit would have to go to you and "Random Recipes" Challenge otherwise it would still be sitting on the bookshelf being admired for looking pretty but not actually being used!

  3. Love the book .. but hate the format!

  4. Vanessa glad it wasn't just me having difficulty with the format.

  5. I love your meatloaf. It looks very inviting. Love how it's wrapped in bacon and with gravy that would be great comfort food.

  6. Hotly Spiced - With Melbourne weather you never know when you are going to need comfort food and good one to have in your bag of tricks.