Thursday, 10 May 2012

Went Foraging - Found Delia Smith!

It's funny how some days are more productive than others, you know when things just fall into place so easily,  like it's meant to be.  It's become a bit of a habit, Saturday morning we more often than not pop out to our local coffee shop for breakfast - coffee and a ham, swiss cheese and horseradish toasted sandwich, read the papers, and then a spot of supermarket shopping. 

This Saturday as we were parking the car we noticed our local library was having their monthly book sale.  The Library space for this is not much bigger than a hole in the wall, opens a roller door onto the supermarket car park. We are both addicted to books as anyone would know if they visited my house. So even though the tummy's were rumbling we headed straight to the hole in the wall. 

Anyway the little area no more than a storeroom, open to the public to purchase little treasures for  a $1 or so, was packed, it was standing room only.  I elbow my way straight to the cooking section (of course) the man heads for autobiographies.  We came away with an armful and only spent $22.00! 

I think I got the purchases of the day - a couple of fabulous finds - two Delia Smith “How to Cook” Books 2 and 3 in near perfect condition (the library protective wrapping made sure of that, at least on the outside). They were  only $3 each.  I was quite chuffed with myself.  Although it’s hard to believe, I don’t own any of Delia’s books and so I was very pleased with these.  I also picked up a fabulous book Cooking by James Peterson for only $6. 

So while I have been pouring over my new purchases, one of Delia’s books mysterious found its way to the kitchen book stand, curiously opened at the page “Spotted Dick” - guess this is on the menu for the weekend!
"Spotted Dick Rides Again"

"Warm Chocolate Rum Souffles with Chocolate Sauce"
However, these are what took my fancy!

The Library Book Sale is definitely a date to put in the diary for next month - I need Delia's Book No.1 now to complete the set!  Better get there early next time. Might have to take my hockey stick to beat off the competition. 


  1. I love it when I'm out and unexpectedly I stumble across something I wasn't expecting to see, like these fabulous cookbooks for a bargain price. What treasures! xx

  2. How could you have survived until now without one of Delia's books? Unfortunately when our library sells off books they always seem to be Mills and Boon or Car Mechanic books! Although, having said that, most of the cookery books in our library are rather scruffy.

    At least you know with Delia that everything always works. Happy hunting.

    1. I know - how strange is that. Delia seems to have slipped under my radar. Maybe she is not advertised as much on this side of the world. But I am really going to enjoy cooking some lovely things from them, and as you say they are tried and tested.

  3. Thank you much for your visit over to The Shady Pine. I love our local book sales at the CWA can always pick up a treasure. Can I just say how much I love Delia recipes so I am quite jealous of the books you found!

    1. Anna love the name of your blog - see you again soon.