Friday, 20 July 2012

Porridge - Plain and Simple

Breakfast can be so many things to so many people.  Sometimes on the run, some long and lingering, sometimes cereal, sometimes continental, sometimes cooked, and then there is   brunch.  As a child I baulked at breakfast, I really couldn't stomach eating so early in the morning, being rushed to get something into the tummy that was good for you before being marched off to school. I was a skinny kid (although not unhealthy - shame I can't say that now!) and can remember not really liking food very much until I was at least 10 years old.  My mother (especially in the winter) would try any number of things to get me to eat breakfast before school. All I really wanted was maybe just a piece of toast.  That was not to be ..... the last thing I can remember my mum trying before she gave in and cooked me scrambled egg, was Farley's Rusks crushed and beaten to within an inch of its life with boiling milk.  The smell of it nearly made me vomit. There was not a lump in sight - it was just the texture I couldn't tolerate - I would have much preferred a dry rusk and a hot mug of milk served separately any day. To make things worse my sister loved them!

I did however find my appetite eventually and over the years my tastes have changed considerably to the point now where I love porridge - plain and simple drizzled with honey.
So on a trip to the UK a couple of years ago we finished off the holiday with a trip to Edinburgh Scotland and stayed at Dalhousie Castle.  The usual hot and cold breakfasts were available, but also there was haggis, black pudding and good old porridge.  How could I resist the porridge - when in Rome and all that.......I was not disappointed it was perfect. The man would look at me sideways each morning I ordered it!

So I could not leave Scotland before I had bought a spurtle - a wooden carved stick to stir porridge specifically shaped to get into the little crannies of a pot so the porridge does not stick.

I make porridge often to the delight of my grandchildren - although they do think its funny that I don't cook it in the microwave!

So here it is plain and simple enough for two.

1 cup of oats
2 cups of full cream milk
Honey for drizzling or homemade strawberry jam

Place the oats and milk into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
Simmer stirring so the porridge doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot for about 5 mins or until oats are soft.

As the man doesn't like lumpy porridge I then wiz this in the blender until smooth and creamy (add more milk if it gets too thick)

Pour into warmed bowls and spoon on the honey. Yum Yum this keeps you going until lunch.

I am entering this in the Breakfast Club Challenge for July themed Holidays over at  Fuss Free Flavours hosted by Helen.


  1. There's nothing like comfort porridge. I could do nicely with a bowl at the moment. I love the spurtle, would love to have one. The castle looks amazing!

  2. Vanessa you can buy spurtles online, just click the link. The castle was amazing - loved it. Loved Edinburgh - the old city blew me away, so medieval.

  3. Well, I still like Farleys Rusk with milk (cold) and every now and then buy a box of them and greedily have some in a bowl with milk as a midnight snack! Now my secret is out ................ oh dear. I love porridge and don't make it anywhere near as often as I should, maybe tomorrow morning ...... What a fabulous word, love that word "spurtle" I can hear it in my head being said in a Scottish accent - think I have to get a spurtle, it could be a very useful implement indeed.

    1. Jen, might have to get a box of Farleys Rusks next time I am home to see if I like them now. Can't believe they are still around. I love my spurtle.

  4. Isn't it terrible when your mother cooks something dreadful and you don't want to eat it but one of your siblings just delights in it. That makes it so hard for the one with better discernment! I know that smell of rusks bashed to a pulp with hot milk and it's not good. Glad you've come through and now enjoy a wonderful breakfast. The porridge looks good! xx

  5. Porridge or oatmeal, baked, simmered or made into a crunchy granola, OATS make me very happy! Yours looks perfect.

    1. Thanks Mary its nearly impossible for it to not be perfect. And so good for you.