Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Love that pinny!

We spent some time in my sister's kitchen late last year when we dashed over to the UK.  As when in Rome you do as the Roman's do.  So as we were cooking pasta (a lot) and  to protect the new clothing from getting splashed my sister produced this lovely pinny to protect the cook! It was her favourite! We laughed and laughed - I can't resist a man in a pinny.
Anyway as a little gift we bought her a book by those two greedy Italians called Two Greedy Italians eat ITALY by Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo and we really love their show too.

 My sister's girls were very impressed with the gift and decided what the man would cook which gave us girls lots of time to chat. As the girls do not have particularly adventurous palates Pappardelle con Spech e Porcini seemed perfect. Instead of spech we used bacon which worked just as well and button mushrooms.

Ingredients plenty for 4
500g pappardelle pasta
250g parmesan cheese
500g button mushrooms sliced
2 shallots
bunch of thyme
250g bacon chopped
250ml double cream
25g butter
salt and pepper

What to do
In a large pan melt the butter and sauté the shallots
Add the chopped bacon and sliced mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are collapsed into the pan.
Add two thirds of the cheese
Add the cream a little at a time to make a thickish sauce consistency over a medium heat
Add salt, pepper and thyme leaves to taste.
Prepare the pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water to al dente.  Add the drained pasta to the pan of sauce,  reserving a little of the water to add to the pasta and sauce if necessary.  Mix so the pasta is well coated by the sauce.  Serve sprinkled with remaining cheese and thyme leaves.

I hope my sister and her girls make this again we all loved it. In fact we were so intent on eating we forgot the camera and all I have to remember the dish is the man in the pinny.

I am linking this with Random Recipes No.24 for January over at Belleau Kitchen - another country -another kitchen.


  1. lucky us indeed!... loving that Pinny... a frilly pinny on a man is a joy to behold... lovely recipe too and a great book. Thanks for taking part this month honey xx

  2. I am familiar with Gennaro through Jamie Oliver...how I wish we had his show on our Food Network. Yes, and the apron is pretty spectacular.

    1. The combination of these two italians - the humour, the food and the travel makes it one of our preferred cooking shows. Thanks for your comments - the apron was a hit!

  3. I would love that cookbook. Those two guys are amazing. What a beautiful looking pasta. It's lunchtime now and I would certainly love a bowl of that! And the apron suits him! xx

    1. Love the cookbook, love the guys, love the pasta and love that apron!

  4. I remember the evening well - can't imagine what my neighbours must have thought with the music blaring and all the laughing. Nevertheless I'm glad you were here - a little laughter keeps us all jogging along, even when we don't want to jog!

    1. I still have a little giggle at the pinny photo, and it was a lovely evening under the circumstances. And the pasta was lovely.

  5. This was the number one google image search for 'pinny.' I love this photo whoever the chef is he looks like a very happy man.