Thursday, 18 July 2013

July in the Garden - Pruning

White oak leaf hydrangea - Christmas 2011
I am not a big pruner, which is a problem because that means the man gets out with the secateurs before me, and he tends to be very heavy handed! Last weekend I decided it was time to prune the roses and my oak leaf hydrangea, whose leaves had turned a gorgeous autumn ruby red. They had got a little leggy and needed a cut back ready for next year.
My two special hydrangeas arrived for Christmas 2011, together with two handmade recycled timber planter boxes.  My lovely gardener  made the boxes and thought they would be perfect planted out with hydrangea.  I had been hinting I wanted them for some time. I was very happy when they finally arrived.(Son No. 2 - see website here)

These hydrangea have a soft open flower head and an oak leaf shaped leaf (hence the common name).  They are quite delicate and I was very worried about the hot summer weather.  They need watering daily during the hot summer months and as these are in a position that receive morning and midday sun we have been vigilant in protecting them with umbrellas and some shading mechanisms. By the time the sun drops into the west they are protected by the silver birches and the house,  thank goodness!
Christmas 2012

 Last year they hardly received a prune and grew considerably.

Ruby red leaves before the prune July 2013

The recycled wooden hand made planter boxes have weathered to a lovely grey

 To read more about hydrangeas see Gardening Australia

Have you done your pruning yet?


  1. What great planters. Is your gardener your husband?
    I've been doing lots of pruning. Our garden gets very wild. Your hydrangeas are so pretty, I especially like the white ones.

  2. My gardener is my son who is a landscaper. He made the planter boxes. Your garden looks like a lovely country garden.

  3. I love hydrangeas and I'd love to be growing some. They have the most beautiful flowers that not only come in a variety of colours but they last so well when you put them in vases xx

    1. I love them when they are dried too. A friend of mine sprayed dried ones gold in a Christmas arrangement - just beautiful.