Thursday, 10 October 2013

Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder with Red Wine

Before the weather gets too warm spring is the best time to cook lamb.  I spied lamb shoulders recently that took me back to my childhood and as they were only $7.50 per kg I couldn't walk past them and decided to buy a couple for a Sunday roast.  My mother would always buy shoulder instead of leg when we were living at home - probably for economic reasons but we loved it hot and then cold in sandwiches.

So I bought my shoulder vaccum packed and on the back was this basic recipe that I just had to try.


2kg shoulder lamb
olive oil
salt and cracked black pepper
2 heaped tablespoons tomato paste
1 whole bulb of garlic broken into cloves
1 handfull of fresh rosemary
1 handful of fresh thyme
3 carrots pealed and roughly chopped
2 onions quartered
2 sticks of celery cut into pieces

3 potatoes diced
1 large leek washed thoroughly and chopped
8-10 tomatoes halved
3 bay leaves
2 x 400g tins of diced tomatoes
750ml of red wine

What to do...

Preheat oven to 160C
Rub lamb with oil salt and pepper
Place in a roasting tin ( put mine on a rack)
Make small incisions all over lamb and insert quartered cloves of garlic
Add rest of garlic, carrots, celery, potatoes, leeks tomato paste and tomatoes to the tray around the meat.
Tuck rosemary and thyme under meat.
Pour tinned tomatoes over the top and fill tray with red wine.
Cover tray with tin foil and roast in oven and walk away for 3 hours !
Remove foil from tray and continue cooking for an additional hour or until lamb is soft and tender.
Remove from the oven and rest the meat on a board for at least 10 minutes
Continue to roast the veg in the red wine until you are ready to serve the lamb.

Gently break up the meat pull out the bones!

I had great reservations that this would happen, but amazingly the shoulder bone gently came away from the lamb so easily I couldn't believe it.

Remove any herb stalks. Season to taste.

Serve with the thick vegetable wine sauce and any other vegetables you fancy.

This serves 6 and takes four stress free hours to cook - So delicious!


  1. oh man alive this looks good and I have a wonderful shoulder of lamb in my freezer that needs this treatment one day soon... beautiful stuff x

  2. just one word...scrumptious...

    I don't eat red meat but think this would work just as well with chicken.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend

    1. This sauce was so delicious I would have been very happy to have eaten it on its own.

  3. I love the lamb shoulder. It's so tender and the meat is so full of flavour. You definitely got yourself a bargain - I was in my butcher's yesterday and he was selling shoulder's for $18.50/kg! This looks like a wonderfully comforting roast xx

    1. Maybe I got in before Jamie Oliver did his thing with lamb shoulder the other night - when something becomes trendy that always sparks a spike in price! I am a bargain hunter though, buy it when I see it and throw it in the freezer.

  4. Oh this is my type of Sunday roast. Love all the herbs and the tomatoes. Best of all, love that it's quick to put together - most of the work is done in the oven.

    1. Me too. A bit of quick prep work and let the oven do its thing.