Monday, 20 April 2015

Take-away Breakfast

My kitchen at the moment is on a health food kick.  Here is a quick filling breakfast that can be prepared easily the night before and be ready to run out the door to work when time is tight.  

In a small screw top jar put 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds and fill 2/3rds with milk, coconut milk or almond milk. Give it a good mix or shake. Overnight in the fridge the seeds swell to become pudding like. I topped my jar up with vanilla soy, which made it lovely and sweet.

Chia seeds are high in protein, fibre, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3s, putting them into the "superfood" category.  They are often used in weight loss programs because they make you fill full for longer. 

However, never eat them dry as this can cause difficulty swallowing as the seeds expand they can block the oesophagus.

Chia seeds can be added to muffins or smoothies or sprinkled on yogurt. 

Go on give them a go, a nice alternative to porridge or bircher muesli.


  1. I normally add them to my smoothies. That's a great idea to prepare them the night before and I like the sound of the vanilla soy xx

  2. I need to get on your health food kick too. This sounds so easy to make.Great for busy days. I haven't tried chia seeds but heard very good things. I must get some. I do make porridge with oats but have been a bit lazy recently. You've inspired me to get healthy.
    Have a lovely weekend.